by Anna Sager

Project Description

I was aiming to make a vlog where I ask UMW students ‘would you rather’ questions. I wanted to focus on asking all different types of questions. Some deep and thought provoking which would maybe hopefully make UMW students think a little bit about life. The crude ones for a little joke and the more funny ones will focus on making the people who watch laugh. I wanted it to be a fun way to get to know the faces of UMW in a less tradition way.

Throughout this project, I used iMovie as a technique for editing my media. In regards, to design choices I focused on making it look not perfect and professionally done. I think it is important for my media to have good editing but also still be a relaxed and fun video that leaves room for it to be done by other students. I also decided while editing how important it was to include each person in the video’s grade and name. I think this is really important in giving every student a voice.

Tools Used


About the Creator

Anna Sager

Junior, Sociology

I am a Junior at Mary Washington, I am majoring in Sociology and hoping to become a social worker one day. I am involved in the Love Your Melon club at my school as the secretary. I am passionate about social issues and want to make sure I leave a positive impact on the world.

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