by Matthew Binamira Sanders

Project Description

So this video is essentially my first ever video that I have posted on the internet that I have created all by myself. I really wanted to start a YouTube channel and get more involved with vlogging and that stuff. So this is how I have done that. It was actually pretty scary doing so and I am actually proud of doing it. I also created this video because I wanted to show it to friends who also wanted to create a Youtube channel. I wanted them to feel that they could also create something interesting and cool. If I can do it, they can do it too. That was essentially my mentality. 

For most of the time working on this project I found that I didn’t really know much about adobe premiere pro, which made me look up different tutorials and all that. It was actually pretty fun doing that as well. I didn’t want to use any crazy effects or anything like that so it would be easier on me as well as my laptop. Overall I think it was pretty awesome and I think the video came out pretty decent. I am sure there will be more to come from me in the future.

Tools Used

Adobe Premiere Pro, Olympus EPL – 8, Apartment room, and iPhone screen recording.

About the Creator

Matthew Binamira Sanders

Junior, Communication and Digital Studies

I am a photographer from the Fredericksburg area. I do a lot of regular photography as well as video. I just want to create awesome and eye catching things and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life. Check out some of my photography @m.a.b.i.s.a or at 

2 Thoughts to “My First Youtube Video”

  1. This is a great start to a new vlog channel. It’s so light hearted and fun! What kind of content can we expect to see in the future? Hope to see more of your photography and videography skills!

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