by Caleb Picard

Project Description

When I started thinking of what I brought to the table as a creator, I was lost, while some people are experienced in photography or incredible painters, my star quality was that I was just a creative mind. As I worked and thought about what my project would be, I simply didn’t know what to do. This project came to mind as I mindlessly started to try to edit photos, a skill many of my peers had been working on for years before me. When I originally had this idea it was only a picture with a poorly placed stamp and a corny inspirational quote but as I continued to work, learn and think about my project I realized that I wanted to put more effort into it than Paint 3D allowed so I deleted some of my work and started to learn Adobe Photoshop, making this project something I was proud of.
As I worked more and more I learned that what I really wanted was something that took more effort than I previously was planning on using but instead of just turning in something that I didn’t like, I once again deleted my work in favor of another format. As I brainstormed ideas of ways to make my project more presentable with my classmates I realized what I really wanted to do was to make not only a front for the postcards but also a back as you would see on a legitimate postcard.
The point of this project was to show that even without a high-quality camera or years of experience in photoshop you can still make a project worth being proud of.

Tools Used

Paint 3D, Adobe Photoshop

About the Creator

Caleb Picard

Sophomore, Philosophy Pre-Law

I am a Sophomore at the University of Mary Washington and studying philosophy and law. I am on club frisbee and am a 3rd Dan black belt in martial arts. I care about helping people and hope that in the future I can work to better the lives of other people.

2 Thoughts to “Personal Postcards”

  1. Such a great concept! I really love the old-style look to these images! I wish the book store sold these, would be a great idea to feature student pictures as postcards.

  2. These are really awesome, this made me think why colleges don’t invest in postcards. The last one is my favorite because of the quality of the picture. It looks smooth and kinda milky, I kinda want it.

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