by Anna Elizabeth Tanner

Project Description

We were learning about creating movie barcodes in Intro to Digital Studies class. I was curious to see what my social media barcode would look like so I decided to take every picture I have ever posted on my Facebook and make a barcode out of them. 

I feel like I am someone who enjoys lots of colors and having fun so it was cool to see the colors I used most and how ‘all over the place’ my picture color schemes are. You can see a few black and white pictures I used, the royal blue patches are from marching band and graduation, and dark areas that are my dog. I feel like it is a cool and different way to express myself and who I am.

Tools Used

I used movie barcode generator. I just put through all my Facebook pictures instead of a movie.

About the Creator

Anna Elizabeth Tanner

Sophomore, Biology

One thought to “Facebook Barcode”

  1. Such an interesting concept! It’s basically Facebook DNA. It honestly reminds me of a shelf of record covers because of how thin and different every fiber is!

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