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Project Description

My passion for Graphic Design began when I started my photography journey in middle school. I grew every time I picked up my camera, receiving inspiration from the world around me, opening the doors of design without me even knowing it. I joined Yearbook and was in an intro graphic design class my senior year of high school and that is when I knew I made the right decision of studying graphic design at Radford University. I am now a Junior here, and even though I am up to my neck in projects I love what I have produced here and cannot wait to see where the future takes me. The projects that I have submitted were what I produced last semester, they combine my skills of photography to produce ads and posters in my graphic classes.

Tools Used:

Mixture of Photography and Adobe Programs

About the Creator

Lauren Slough

Junior, Graphic Design 

My name is Lauren Slough, I am a Junior Graphic Design Major at Radford University. These are pieces that I have created over my years here at Radford.

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