Welcome to the first edition of the Digital Well!

My name is Joseph Kobsar and I am the assistant editor of the Digital Well, a public online journal created by the Digital Journal class from the University of Mary Washington. We are focused on creating a virtual platform for anyone wanting to share their digital media creations. This domain is for students who need an outlet for their creativity and are wanting to share and interact with like minds.

I am currently a junior majoring in communication & digital studies! Previously an Engineering student, I switched my major two years into the degree, yikes. I transferred to UMW with an associates in communication a year ago and quickly acclimated to the digital studies side of the major. The exponential growth in social media and modern technology has always interested me as I’ve grown up experiencing its development.

As a student who has had many classes that involved creating digital media, I’ve struggled to find a place to share my work! For anyone currently working on a digital project, this is the perfect platform. I have always slaved over school projects for hours only to present for a mere few minutes. This website is extremely convenient for anyone wanting to give their school or past projects a second breath of life! This website isn’t strictly a platform for students but for any creative mind.

Being navigable and informative for all readers and participants is what this site aims for. This is an opportunity to show us how creative you can be! The Digital Well aims to gather creations and display the different media types through our website, digitalwell.ink.

We would like to see this website function successfully by participants eager to share their ideas. With enough participation, we hope the Digital Well will become a website used throughout the country. We would like to thank anyone willing to submit any submissions!

Joseph Kobsar
Assistant Editor