by Kyle Talley

Project Description

This project is a drawing of the Marvel character Daredevil. The piece is just one example of the work I have completed during the 2018 fall semester. My main goal for all of my artwork is to create scenes, people, or creatures that show character. My personal style this semester has developed so that most of my drawings have a gritty, darker character than my earlier work.

Tools Used

This project was completed digitally using a Wacom tablet.

About the Creator

Kyle Talley

Sophomore, Mass Communications

A Mass Communications major at Virginia Commonwealth University, with a concentration in advertising. I have been practicing digital art for about one year, and I’m working hard to improve my skills and find a way to integrate my passion for art into a career.

2 Thoughts to “‘Daredevil’ Drawing”

  1. I love the work that you have done and am amazed that you have only been doing this for a year. The black and white contrast is a really cool art style that I think you do very well, please keep making art!!

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