by Shane Thin

Project Description

I composed an electronic cover of The White Stripes’ hit song Seven Nation Army. The song has no vocals and instead has a piano solo played to the melody of the lyrics.

My original aim with the project was to have a vocalist, however I couldn’t find one and resorted to the piano solo. I took inspiration from the Glitch Mob’s remix and implemented heavier synthetic elements and bass drops to give the song a more modern feel. I believe my design choice of having a piano solo instead of vocals added a much more personalized touch to the product.

Tools Used

Cubase 9 Pro
Native instruments Komplete 11U
Korg Nanokey series MIDI keyboard

About the Creator

Shane Thin

Junior, Communication and Digital Studies

I’m a Communications + Digital Studies major at Mary Washington. I’ve refined my digital audio skills over the last two years and currently compose music scores for student films, the latest being a collaboration with the GMU student film group. In my spare time, I create shorter soundtracks in a variety of styles. 

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